Image of Mickey Mouse Carousel - what else does Disney own?

A lot. The Walt Disney Corporation is a company that, at the time of writing, is worth around 195 billion dollars. They have purchased multiple major assets in recent years, like Marvel, Lucas Films, 21st Century Fox, and more. People are often curious about what companies, characters, and intellectual properties Disney does (and doesn’t) own…. Read More

Picture of Sora from Kingdom Hearts, who is owned by Disney.dom Hear

I’ve been digging into the different things Disney does and doesn’t own recently (I found the research into Disney’s relationship with Universal and their history of not owning Harry Potter to be particularly interesting) and I discovered that a lot of people are curious about whether Disney owns Sora. I’ll be honest: I didn’t know… Read More

Picture of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at Walt Disney World. Does Disney own Indiana Jones?

Yes! Disney purchased the intellectual property rights to Indiana Jones in their acquisition of Lucasfilm. So is Indiana Jones on Disney Plus? No! Despite owning the rights to Indy, it’s not on Disney Plus! Disney reached a deal as part of the acquisition of Lucasfilm for distribution of future Indiana Jones movies and series, but… Read More

Image of a LEGO DIsney set - Disney doesn't own LEGO, but has collaborated with them.

No, Disney doesn’t own Lego. Lego is a part of The Lego Group, which is owned by Kirkbi – a holding company designed to be the parent company for The Lego Group which now owns multiple entities. Does Disney Own Legoland? No, despite both having theme parks in Orlando Disney doesn’t have any ownership in… Read More

Image of The Simpsons on Disney Plus

Yes, Disney owns The Simpsons. On December 14, 2017, The Walt Disney Company announced that it would purchase most of 21st Century Fox’s assets. That sale included The Simpsons. Are the Simpsons on Disney Plus? Yes, unlike Family Guy (which Disney does own, but isn’t available on Disney Plus in the US) The Simpsons is… Read More

Does Disney Own DC Comics? Picture of comic books, some DC and some Marvel (which Disney does own)

No, Disney does not own DC Comics. DC Comics is a unit of DC Entertainment, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. That said, you’ve probably noticed that DC comics characters appear in all kinds of stuff. We’ll break some of that down. Does Disney Own Any DC Comics Character Rights? Disney does own Marvel (even though… Read More

Disney's Doug, a show on Disney Plus from Nickelodeon

No, Disney doesn’t own Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon is owned by Paramount Networks EMEAA (Paramount Global). Paramount owns Nickelodeon through their domestic network division. Previously Nickelodeon had been owned by Viacom. During that time particularly Viacom’s founder and chairman Sumner Redstone and Disney competed frequently for revenue and market share in children’s programming. Does Disney Own Any… Read More