Does Disney Own DC Comics? Picture of comic books, some DC and some Marvel (which Disney does own)

No, Disney does not own DC Comics. DC Comics is a unit of DC Entertainment, a subsidiary of Warner Bros.

That said, you’ve probably noticed that DC comics characters appear in all kinds of stuff. We’ll break some of that down.

Does Disney Own Any DC Comics Character Rights?

Disney does own Marvel (even though it does not own Universal, which has theme park rights to some Marvel characters and a number of DC characters which appear in the parks), but it doesn’t currently own the rights to any DC characters in streaming or theme parks.

Disney did reportedly bid for the streaming rights to a new Batman show recently, and given how much flux there is in the streaming and theme park IP world, it wouldn’t be shocking to see some DC characters come to Disney in some way, shape, or form.


Disney & DC Comics FAQs

Is DC owned by Disney?

No, DC Comics is owned by Warner Brothers.

Does Disney own Marvel or DC?

The Walt Disney Corporation owns Marvel, and does not own DC Comics.