Picture of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at Walt Disney World. Does Disney own Indiana Jones?

Yes! Disney purchased the intellectual property rights to Indiana Jones in their acquisition of Lucasfilm.

So is Indiana Jones on Disney Plus?

No! Despite owning the rights to Indy, it’s not on Disney Plus!

Disney reached a deal as part of the acquisition of Lucasfilm for distribution of future Indiana Jones movies and series, but Paramount retains the rights to the first four movies (and subsequently determines where they stream).

Currently Indiana Jones is only streaming on Paramount owned Showtime, and on FuboTV.

Indiana Jones at Disney World & Disneyland

While the original series of movies isn’t yet on Disney Plus, Indiana Jones does have a special spot in Disney theme parks.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at Disney World

This show debuted at Disney World on August 25, 1989. It’s roughly 35 minutes long and you can see it inside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland

This ride debuted at Disneyland on March 3, 1995 (originally titled Temple of the Forbidden Eye) and is located in Adventureland at Disneyland park. You can view the entire ride experience below:

Disney & Indiana Jones FAQs

Why did Indiana Jones leave Paramount Plus?

Paramount decided to move the series over to Paramount owned Showtime exclusively.