Picture of Sora from Kingdom Hearts, who is owned by Disney.dom Hear

I’ve been digging into the different things Disney does and doesn’t own recently (I found the research into Disney’s relationship with Universal and their history of not owning Harry Potter to be particularly interesting) and I discovered that a lot of people are curious about whether Disney owns Sora.

I’ll be honest: I didn’t know who or what Sora is before writing this article.

It turns out Sora is the main character in most of the Kingdom Hearts series of video games. But, of course, there’s more to it than that.

So Does Disney Own Sora?

Yes, Disney owns 100% of the character Sora and the series Kingdom Hearts. The series is developed by Disney in conjunction with the gaming company Square Enix but Disney has full ownership over the rights.

Sora has even been featured in Disney Parks:

Disney Sora FAQs

Is Disney OK with Sora in Smash?

Yes the Kingdom Hearts director has been quoted as saying Disney didn’t have an issue with Sora being in Super Smash Brothers.

How do you get Sora in Disney Emoji Blitz?

You can tap Sora, Donald or Goofy to activate their attack.

Is Sora in Disney Emoji Blitz?

Yes Sora is an Emoji in Disney Emoji Blitz.

Is Sora at Disney World?

Sora is not currently featured at Disney World in the park or as a character, but has been in the past.