Image of The Simpsons on Disney Plus

Yes, Disney owns The Simpsons.

On December 14, 2017, The Walt Disney Company announced that it would purchase most of 21st Century Fox’s assets. That sale included The Simpsons.

Are the Simpsons on Disney Plus?

Yes, unlike Family Guy (which Disney does own, but isn’t available on Disney Plus in the US) The Simpsons is streaming on Disney Plus, new shorts and episodes are added regularly, and Disney Plus has actually featured The Simpsons quite prominently (my own kids discovered them there).

What Have the Simpsons Said About Disney?

In this case exactly like Family Guy, Simpsons Episodes have been talking about and referencing Disney for years:


They even predicted they’d be bought by Disney!

Are the Simpsons Featured in Disney Theme Parks?

As is the case with Marvel, Disney has a tricky rights relationship with The Simpsons characters. The theme park rights actually belong to Universal Studios (Universal is also not owned by Disney, incidentally). You can see the characters featured prominently in Krustyland at Universal Studios Orlando (with a ride I love, but that is the top ranked motion-sickness-causing ride in the park, if you have issues with the 4d stuff):

Picture of The Simpsons featured in Universal, as Disney owns The Simpsons but not the theme park rights.

Simpsons & Disney Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Simpsons a Disney property?

Yes, The Simpsons were purchased by Disney when they bought 21st Century Fox.

Who owns rights to Simpsons?

Disney owns the rights to The Simpsons in terms of streaming and copyrights. Universal Studios still owns the rights to theme park licensing.

Why is Simpsons owned by Disney?

The Simpsons is owned by Disney because The Walt Disney Corporation purchased 21st Century Fox, who owned the rights to The Simpsons.

Does Universal or Disney own The Simpsons?

Disney owns The Simpsons, but Universal does retain the right to use The Simpsons characters in their theme parks nation wide.

Why is Simpsons still at Universal?

The Simpsons is still at Universal because 21st Century Fox had sold the theme park rights to Universal Studios before selling to Disney. It’s rumored that those rights may run out later this decade.

Will season 31 and 32 of The Simpsons be on Disney plus?

Yes they are coming to Disney Plus on October 2, 2022.

What Simpsons episode is missing from Disney plus?

The episode “Stark Raving Dad” featuring Michael Jackson was the only episode removed from The Simpsons upon being added to Disney Plus.

Did Disney plus fix Simpsons aspect ratio?

Disney initially changed the aspect ratio of Simpsons episodes on Disney Plus, but returned them to their original aspect ratio in 2020 after complaints.