Earl of Sandwich Lunch/Dinner Menu

Menu Date: 03/2021


Tomato Soup – Cup – $2.99
Bowl – $3.99

Featured Soup – Cup – $3.49
Bowl – $4.49


House Salad – Greens, Roma Tomato, Cucumber, House-made Croutons, and Ranch Dressing – $5.99

The Earl’s Cobb Salad – Greens, Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Cheddar, Roma Tomato, Cucumber, Cranberries, and Ranch Dressing – $8.49

Thai Chicken Salad – Greens, Grilled Chicken, Chinese Greens Mix, Sweet Chili Sauce, Wonton Strips and Thai Peanut Dressing – $8.49

Chicken Caesar Salad – Romaine, Grilled Chicken, Shaved Parmesan, House-made Croutons and Caesar Dressing – $8.49

Berry, Chicken, Almond Salad – Spinach, Spring Lettuce, Grilled Chicken, fresh Strawberries, fresh Blueberries, Almonds, and Balsamic Vinaigrette – $8.49

Greek Salad – Romaine, Grilled Chicken, Feta, Roma Tomato, Kalamata Olives, Banana Peppers, and Zesty Italian Dressing – $8.49

Quinoa Chicken Salad – Greens, Grilled Chicken, Feta, Quinoa, Red Onions, Strawberries, Mandarin Oranges and Balsamic Vinaigrette – $8.49


Buffalo Chicken Wrap – Grilled Chicken, Cheddar, Romaine, Roma Tomato, Celery Salt, Buffalo Sauce, and Bleu Cheese Dressing- $8.49

Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Wrap – Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Romaine, Avocado, Roma Tomato, Cucumber, and Balsamic Vinaigrette – $8.49

Thai Chicken Wrap – Grilled Chicken, Romaine, Chinese Greens Mix, Sweet Chili Sauce, and Thai Peanut Dressing – $7.99

Chicken Caesar Wrap – Grilled Chicken, Shaved Parmesan, Romaine, House-made Croutons and Caesar Dressing – $8.49

Spicy Tuna Wrap – Albacore Tuna Salad, Romaine, Roma Tomato, Kalamata Olives, Banana Peppers, Chipotle Sauce, and Balsamic Vinaigrette – $8.49

Turkey and Cheddar Wrap – Turkey, Cheddar, Romaine, Roma Tomato and Mayonnaise in a Whole Wheat Wrap – $7.99

Hot Sandwiches

Freshly Made on the Earl’s Artisan Loaf


The Earl’s Club – Turkey, Bacon, Swiss, Lettuce, Roma Tomato and Sandwich Sauce – $8.49


The Original 1762® – Roasted Beef, Cheddar and Horseradish Sauce – $8.49

Chipotle Chicken Avocado – Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Cheddar, Avocado, Lettuce and Chipotle Sauce – $8.49

Tuna Melt – Albacore Tuna Salad, Swiss and Mayonnaise – $8.49

The Full Montagu® – Roasted Beef, Turkey, Swiss, Cheddar, Lettuce, Roma Tomato and Mustard Sauce – $8.49

French Dip – Roasted Beef, Swiss and Sautéed Onions served with Au Jus – $8.49

Caprese – Fresh Mozzarella, Roma Tomato, Basil and Balsamic – $8.49

Holiday Turkey – Turkey, Cornbread Stuffing, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce and Mayonnaise – $7.99

Hawaiian Barbecue – Grilled Chicken, Ham, Swiss, Pineapple and Barbecue Sauce – $7.99

Italian – Salami, Capicola, Ham, Mortadella, Mozzarella, Roma Tomato and Italian Seasoning and Italian Dressing – $7.99

Veggie – Feta, Cucumber, Red Peppers, Red Onions, Lettuce, Roma Tomato and Creamy Mediterranean Dressing – $6.99

Ham and Swiss – Ham, Swiss and Mustard Sauce – $7.99

Best BLT – Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Seasoned Mayonnaise – $6.99

Just 4 Kids

For Children Ages 9 and younger

Turkey ‘N’ Swiss – Turkey, Swiss and Mayonnaise – $4.29

Grilled Cheese – Cheddar and Swiss – $4.29

Pizza Bread – Mozzarella & Tangy Pizza Sauce – $4.29

Sides & More

Mac ‘n’ Cheese – $5.49

Cheese Pizza Bread – $5.99

Pepperoni Pizza Bread – $6.99

Six Wings – $9.99

Four Wings and Wedges – $9.99

Potato Wedges – $3.99


Assorted Fountain Beverage – $2.99 Regular | $3.49 Large

Assorted Bottled Beverage – $3.49

Assorted Sports Beverages – $4.59

Earl’s Grey Lemonade – $2.99 Regular | $3.49 Large

Iced Teas – $2.99 Regular | $3.49 Large

Frozen Lemonade – $3.99

Coffee – $2.49

Cappuccino – $3.99

Mocha Latte – $4.29

Hot Tea – $2.49

Hot Chocolate – $2.49

Milk – $2.49

Domestic Beer – $5.99

Imported Beer – $6.99

Premium Beer – $6.99

Wine – $7.59

** Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice **

Restaurant Review

Located in the bustling marketplace of Disney Springs, Earl of Sandwich offers a delicious respite from the frenetic energy of the theme park. With its hearty sandwiches and laid-back atmosphere, Earl of Sandwich is the perfect spot to grab a quick and satisfying meal on the go.

Price: A Delicious Deal in a Sea of Expensive Options

Earl of Sandwich offers a range of sandwiches, wraps, and salads at relatively reasonable prices, making it a welcome option for those seeking a budget-friendly meal in the midst of a theme park landscape where prices can often be exorbitant. Most menu items fall in the $10.00 to $15.00 range, making it a tasty and affordable option for hungry park-goers.

Atmosphere: A Casual and Comfortable Oasis

The interior of Earl of Sandwich is adorned with rustic wood accents and charming vintage-inspired decor, evoking the feeling of a cozy family-owned deli. Patrons can choose to sit at one of the restaurant’s indoor tables or enjoy their meals al fresco on the outdoor patio, soaking up the energy of the bustling marketplace.

Overall: A Must-Try for Sandwich Lovers and Budget-Conscious Diners Alike

From its delicious sandwiches to its budget-friendly prices, Earl of Sandwich is a must-try for those seeking a quick and satisfying meal in the heart of Disney Springs. Whether you’re a sandwich connoisseur or a budget-conscious diner, this charming spot has something to offer. So grab a seat, sink your teeth into a delicious sandwich, and savor the flavors of this cozy deli-inspired oasis.

Video Review