Space Mountain Videos

I’ll be honest: I don’t love ride videos. I’m pretty comfortable with any kind of ride speed, twists and turns so I’m not really that worried before riding any new attraction. Plus, personally I feel like watching a video of a ride can kind of spoil it (especially if there are some cool unexpected twists and turns).

That said, millions of people disagree with me. If you are into ride videos, they can be a good way to get a sense of a ride and answer all kinds of questions like:

So let’s take a look at the very best Youtube videos of Space Mountain available from each Disney park where the ride (or a variation of the ride) exists.

Space Mountain Disney World (Magic Kingdom, Orlando) Videos

A 2022 video of both the queue and the ride itself at Magic Kingdom:

A 2020 video of the ride in Disney World:

A front seat view of the ride:

And if you’re curious about how the ride has changed over time, here is a video of the ride from 11 years ago:

Space Mountain Disneyland Videos

Here’s a recent video of the ride from 2021:

Here is a Space Mountain Disneyland video overview of the ride from the front seat:

And an older night vision version of the ride:

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain Disneyland Park Paris Videos

This is a really cool ride with lots of video overviews coming in from enthusiastic riders. Here’s a front row view of the ride:

A low light version of the video:

An onride video of the ride:

Space Mountain Tokyo Disneyland Videos

This is a great overview video of the ride:

A low light version of the ride:

Space Mountain Hong Kong Disneyland Videos

Here is a full experience walk-through of the ride (including the outside and the queue):

A low-light ride through of the ride:

A night vision version of the ride:

And the most recent ride-through of these videos is this one:

Space Mountain Videos with the Lights On

We have a post dedicated to this topic, but here are some videos of Space Mountain with the lights on.

At Disney World (Magic Kingdom)

This is a video of Space Mountain at Disney World with the lights on from the People Mover:

A great tip from the video if you’re looking to catch a glimpse of Space with the lights on: if you see that Space Mountain is down hop on the People Mover as you may get to see it with the lights on (though it won’t be POV if the ride is down obviously).

At Disneyland Anaheim

A POV of an active ride through Space Mountain with the lights on at Disneyland:

A night vision video – so not strictly “lights on” but you can see everything and get the same basic effect:

A cool instance where the ride gets stopped, then finished with the lights on:

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