The Basket at Wine Bar George Lunch and Dinner Menu

Menu Date: 09/2022

Frozen and Fries

Queso French Fries Paired with Frose – $21.00

Buffalo French Fries Paired with Freaujolais – $21.00


French Fries – choice of one topping: Queso or Buffalo – $10.00

Cheese – choice of one topping: Brie, or Beecher’s Cheddar – $10.00

Landjager – World’s Best Jerky, German Style – $5.00

Crackers – $4.00

Charcuterie – choice of one: Soppressata or Prosciutto – $12.00

Boxes – choice of one: Prosciutto and Mozzarella, Calabrese and Asiago – $11.00

Half Baguette – Local Bread, DF Bakery – $4.00

House Made Hummus – cucumber, olive oil, naan bread, chipotle – $14.00

Crispy Mac n Cheese Bites – $14.00

Spanish Cheese Plate – $12.00

Collegiate Combos

House-made Chicken Bratwurst – with Bacon Pepper Relish, Onions, Fries and a Frozen Old Fashioned made with DOLE Whip® Orange. Add a Corkcicle to your combo for $24  – $28.00

House-made Bratwurst – with Wine Braised Onions, Peppers and Fries with a Frozen Old Fashioned made with DOLE Whip® Orange. Add a Corkcicle to your combo for $24


Jorge’s Red Sangria – Ordóñez Family Secret Recipe – $15.00

Wake Up Call – Espresso-infused Barsol Pisco, Caffe Borghetti Espresso Liqueur – $15.00

Wine Bar George Old Fashioned – Hooten Young American Whiskey, Aromatic and Orange Bitters – $15.00

Spaghetti Western –
 George Dickel Rye / Cynar / lime – $15.00

Speyside Sour – Blavenie Carribean Cask 14-year-old Single Malt Whiskey / Campari / Antica Vermouth / lemon – $15.00

S.O.S.  (Sippin’ On Summer) – Kasama Rum / Clairin Communal / pimento dram / lime / grapefruit soda – $15.00

Modest Julius – Milk-Washed Copper & Kings Brandy / dry curaçao / petite shrub orange juice – $15.00

Fresca Cartel – Mi Tierra Reposado Tequila / strawberry rosé Apricot Luxardo / lemon – $15.00

Cover Me in Roses – 
Vida de Muertos Mezcal / house-made rose petal infused agave / dry curaçao / lime – $15.00

Seasonal Collins – St. George Terroir Gin, Lemon, Cinnamon, Clove – $15.00

The Hoot – Made with Hooten Young American Whiskey (aged 12 years), G.E. Massenez Crème de Cassis and a splash of Ginger Beer. Discovered by Master Sommelier George Miliotes. Complimentary Hoot with purchase of a Corkcicle. – $15.00


Cherry Smash – Cherry, Lime, Soda – $10.00

Non-Collins – Blueberry, Thyme, Lemon – $10.00

Frozen (Complimentary frozen drink with purchase of a Corkcircle)

Frose – Rosé, Vodka, and Strawberry – $14.00

Frozcato – made with DOLE Whip® Pineapple, Moscato, and Vodka – $14.00

Frozcato Mimosa – made with DOLE Whip® Pineapple, Moscato, and Prosecco – $16.00

Freaujolais – Beaujolais, Vodka, and Raspberry – $14.00

Frozen Old Fashioned made with DOLE Whip Orange – With George Dickel 8-Year-Old Tennessee Whiskey – $14.00

Wine on Tap

Truth or Consequences, Moscato, Washington State – $10.00

Sabine, Rosé, Provence, France – $9.00

Trefethen, Chardonnay, Napa Valley, California – $14.00

Chateau Petit Roubie, “Picpoul de Penet”, Picpoul, France Languedoc-Roussillon – $15.00

Beer and Cider

Weissenheimer Hefeweizen Ale – DESTIHL Brewery, Normal, Illinois – $12.00

Coffee Blonde Ale – Ravenous Pig Brewing, Winter Park, FL– $12.00

Antique Alley American Amber Ale – 3 Sons Brewing, Dania Beach, FL – $12.00

Krude Kolsch Style Ale – Redlight, Redlight, Orlando FL – $12.00

The Vermont Botanical Cider, Shacksbury, Middlebury, Vermont – $12.00

2 Million Bees Double IPA, Hourglass Brewing, Longwood, FL – $15.00

Rustic Sunday Farmhouse Ale (Saison Style) – Birds Fly South Ale Project, Greenville, SC – $15.00

** The Basket at Wine Bar George Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice **

Restaurant Review


The Basket at Wine Bar George, located in the heart of Disney Springs at Walt Disney World, is a gastronomic expedition unlike any other. The menu features a delectable array of small plates, charcuterie and cheese, and an extensive wine selection. The charcuterie is curated to perfection, with a variety of cured meats and accompaniments. The cheese selection is a symphony of flavors and textures, expertly paired with the charcuterie. The small plates are a culinary journey, showcasing a range of flavors and techniques. But it’s the wine selection that truly sets The Basket apart. The extensive list features a variety of wines from around the world, expertly curated by the master sommelier, George Miliotes.


The Basket at Wine Bar George is a great place for those looking for a casual dining experience. The prices are reasonable, and the portions are generous. The small plates are perfect for sharing and the charcuterie and cheese boards are a great value. The wine list has a variety of options, with something for every budget.


The atmosphere at The Basket is casual and relaxed, with a touch of elegance. The design is sleek and modern, with a nod to traditional wine bar aesthetics. The lighting is dim and intimate, and the service is impeccable. The restaurant has a small and intimate seating, so it’s best to make a reservation in advance, but the wait is worth it.


The Basket at Wine Bar George is a gastronomic expedition at Disney Springs. The food is exceptional, the wine selection is impeccable, and the atmosphere is casual and relaxed. Whether you’re in the mood for small plates, charcuterie and cheese, or a glass of wine, The Basket will not disappoint. It’s a dining experience that will linger in your memory long after your trip to Walt Disney World is over. A culinary journey you don’t want to miss.

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