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If you’re reading this you may be confused about what Disney Vacation Club is. You probably have some concerns like:

  • Whether you may be missing out on a discount or a better Disney experience by not being a member
  • OR: you may be looking to see if DVC is right for you (and if it’s really worth the money).

I’m a DVC member and annual passholder who goes to Disney multiple times a year and has written extensively about DVC. In this post I’ll walk through what DVC is and help get you to more information about every aspect of DVC.

What is Disney Vacation Club (DVC)?

Disney’s Vacation Club (DVC) is a timeshare program that allows you to pay for points which you can use on various Disney properties and experiences. 

If you’ve gotten this far and you’re interested in DVC, you probably have lots more questions (and have probably realized that a lot of information on DVC is very dense and often confusing), so let’s dig in.

In this post we’ll walk through an overview of DVC, and will share other resources on our site that give you more insight into specific aspects of DVC (there’s a ton to learn and understand!).

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Facts & Figures

Disney Vacation Club is a relatively complicated membership. There are some key numbers, facts and figures to be aware of:

  • DVC Booking Windows – If you’re booking at a DVC resort, you can start making reservations 7 months in advance. Unless that resort is your home resort, in which case you have 11 months (this is why points are often much more expensive to buy or rent at more popular resorts).
  • DVC Dues – These are different based on the resort and the year, but its an important number to be aware of if you’re looking to become a member.
  • DVC Resorts – Currently there are 16 DVC resorts – make sure you know which ones you may want to stay at!
  • DVC Members – There are an estimated 220,000 thousand DVC members (according to Disney).

And several other areas you may want to dive deeper on.

Available DVC Resorts

Understanding the various DVC resorts (and what’s really included in a DVC membership) is something I’ll go into greater depth on in a dedicated post on DVC resorts.

How Much Does Disney Vacation Club Cost? Is it Worth It?

This is a strong “it depends” answer. We have an entire post dedicated to this very topic that dives deep into the full (actual) DVC costs while helping you answer the question “is DVC worth it?

DVC Points Charts

We also have a post breaking down DVC points charts for 2022 and 2023 by resort if you’re looking for that info.

DVC Availability

Our post on DVC availability offers tips and information on determining which resorts are available and the best way to plan and book your DVC stay.

Renting DVC Points

We also have an overview of how to safely rent DVC points from a DVC member if you’re looking for a one-time DVC stay without becoming a member.

Disney Vacation Club FAQs

There’s a lot more to learn about DVC. Here are some questions people frequently ask:

Can you negotiate Disney Vacation Club?

No, not with Disney. There are options for resale where you can purchase a contract from a current member – in those instances you may be able to get points at a discounted rate, or potentially negotiate a price

How do I cancel my Disney Vacation Club membership?

Since you likely have a contract it’s unlikely you can cancel your membership. You can cancel DVC reservations, or if you’re not longer interested in being a DVC member you can sell your membership.

Can you inherit Disney Vacation Club?

Yes. DVC is a deeded real estate contract, so you can make your kids a beneficiary or an associate on your membership and they would inherit it.

Will Disney buy back DVC?

Yes. Disney will sometimes offer to buy back DVC points. You can contact member services, but generally it seems that Disney offers less than you’d get on the resale market if you sold your DVC points that way.

Do DVC members get discounts on merchandise?

Yes. The standard discount for DVC members on membership is 20%, but Disney sometimes runs promotions with larger discounts as well. Members also get discounts on select dining experiences at Disney (often 20%).

Is Disney Vacation Club a timeshare?

Yes, Disney Vacation Club is a points based timeshare.

Image Credit: DVC logo courtesy of Disney Vacation Club: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2011/06/disney-vacation-club-reveals-bold-new-look/